Monday, October 8, 2012

Gas Prices Soar... (Again)

 In California gas prices has hit a new record of $4.67 a gallon. In one week the prices went up 50 cents. Prices have risen sharply because it costs extra money to make the summer blend which is cleaner for the environment. The summer heat causes more smog with gas emissions. On September 15th, most of the country started making the cheaper winter blend of gasoline. In California however, there is a higher average temperature and stricter air pollution standards so they start making winter gasoline 6 weeks later. With the summer gasoline still being used there is a shortage which caused a spike in the prices. Also, refineries and gas stations don't want the summer gasoline in their inventories. Gas prices will probably top off at $4.75 a gallon before they start the winter gasoline production.

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  1. gas prices need to go back down to even 2 dollars a gallon! that would be good wit me