Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snowmobiler dies week after X-games crash

A photo of Caleb Moore's performance in the Snowmobile Freestyle Final during X Games Aspen 2013.
 Caleb Moore was performing in the freestyle snowmobile event during the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. He was making one of his last jumps; by trying to perform a backflip but the snowmobile did not rotate the entire way. Without the rotation the front skis dug into the landing slope which brought the four hundred fifty pound snowmobile down on Moore. The sled slammed into his head and chest area. Moore actually walked away from the accident and went to the hospital to be treated. There was bleeding around his heart and Moore also had some brain complications. He was a four time Winter X Games medalist, who at the age of twenty five had a bright future. His younger brother Colten Moore was injured in a separate crush which resulted in a separated pelvis. The X Game officials will review safety and regulations during their events. Caleb Moore's death was the first one in eighteen years of the X Games.

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